African Safaris

How to Book

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MAKING Inquiries:

Please send us an email or call.  It would be helpful if you can tell us:
1. When [more or less] you would like to go and how many are traveling.
2. Your name, address, and telephone number
4. Where you would like to travel and/or what you are looking for.  The more specific you are about your interests the better we can help you.
5. When you would like to travel and how much time you really have.  If you are flexible, say so. If not please indicate this. 
There are lots of myths about when you should and should not travel.  The reality is that you can have a rewarding trip somewhere almost any time of year.
6.  If inquiring about a lodge or a tour, provide enough detail that we can identify what you are describing [i.e. we have lots of 14 day tours in lots of countries].
7. Budget per person with airfare. 
8. Departure city - don't tell us New York thinking that this will save you money and you will find your own way there.  Most airlines have add-ons fares that are less expensive than  other tickets you are likely to find.  We want to sell you the best safari we can within your budget, and we know that this means finding the cheapest way to get from your home to where the safari starts.
9. Brochures.  Don't just ask for a general brochure.  We save you money by not printing company brochures.  There are hundreds of pages on this website - far more general information than could be put, economically, in a brochure.  We will be happy to mail brochures about specific properties/tours that would be part of an itinerary that we would recommend.  If you are looking for set departure tours in large groups, we probably aren't the company for you.
10. Schedule flexibility - you are going to Africa.  Western ideas of efficiency do not apply.  Hourly shuttle flights, on the half hour, other than between  Cape Town, Johannesburg, and Durban are a figment of the western imagination and you will be lucky to get a flight on the day you want.  Again, please give us enough information that we can provide you with our best advice about how to organize your trip to get the most out of it.  By rearranging the items on your tour we can often save money, travel time, and avoid costly stops along the way in places you did not want to go.


When you book with us you can expect the following to happen:
1.  Upon inquiry we will provide an itinerary with flights and, if it meets your requirements, obtain provisional reservations from the operators.
2.  Upon your acceptance of provisional reservations and our terms and conditions we will require a deposit of 20% to continue holding reservations [may vary depending upon the tour operator].  Most safari operators maintain the right to cancel unsecured  reservations after two weeks.
3.  Airline tickets must be paid before ticketing deadlines.
4.  Safaris must be paid 45 - 60 days prior to departure per requirements of the tour operators.
5.  Receipt of final itinerary, invoice, vouchers, and travel details.


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